Ordering a board is a very personal endeavor. Call us and we'll get you the custom board that you've always wanted, with no guessing, stress or concerns.

Call us at (858) 720-8320 or check out your other options below. There are some useful links to printable board templates for color work and a printable order form.

If you can't wait for a custom board made specifically for you, we have a wide variety of our boards 'in stock' at various surf shops locally and nationwide. Check out our dealer list for locations, links and phone numbers.

Here are some easy guidelines to ordering a board:
  • Choose a board type
  • Select your fin types (if it matters to you) and any 'extras' you would like (finishes, stringers, deck patches, etc)
  • Think about your color work, designs, logos, etc. Use the provided printable template to help out

Call or fax us at anytime in your process to help out.

When we receive your order, we will call you back with a quote then order you a blank and start work on you new board.